Facilities Resources & Planning

Facilities Resources & Planning is responsible for space management and planning processes, managing University Park rental properties and lease agreements and real estate purchases, providing leadership in ADA compliance and managing building interior signage.

Acting Director: Pam Garbini


AD02 - Non-University Groups Using University Facilities
AD05 - Naming University Facilities
AD38 - Administration of University Physical Facilities
AD62 - Scheduling and Use of General Purpose Classrooms
Documents & Forms
FIS Building List
University Access Committee Reasonable Accommodation Fund (UACRAF)
Important Links
Penn State Office of the Corporate Controller - Risk Management
Giving to Penn State
International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
Higher Education Facilities Management Association (HEFMA)


Handles all aspects of facilities planning, usage, and management at all commonwealth campuses
Manages General Purpose Classrooms University-wide
Offers property management, leasing, and the buying, selling and gifting of property

People In Division


Facilities Management
(814) 863-6374
Real Estate Specialist
(814) 865-5024
Facilities Designer
(814) 867-6371
Facilities Management
(814) 865-4832
Facilities Representative
(814) 865-1595
Functional Administrator, Event Scheduling
(814) 865-2039
Director, Facilities Resources & Planning
(814) 863-0795
Real Estate Specialist
(814) 865-1246
(814) 865-1598
Real Estate Specialist
(814) 863-3854