Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds division handles maintenance, custodial and landscaping needs at the University Park campus. The unit provides services to Education and General (E&G) organizations, Housing & Food Services, Intercollegiate Athletics and Business Auxiliaries, and is made up of three sections.

Director: Phillip Melnick

Provides custodial services to academic, athletics and administrative facilities
Provides specialty services, including Landscape Operations, the Service Garage, Solid Waste Operations and Snow Removal for University Park.
Maintenance Programs & Services is comprised of two departments, Buildings Services and Maintenance Programs, and is responsible for all routine maintenance of facilities at University Park.

People In Division


Custodial Worker
Custodial Worker
Lead Roofer-Carpenter
(814) 777-6398
Custodial Worker
Heating and Ventilation Technician
(814) 321-7252
Area Facilities Maintenance Worker
(814) 777-4452
Custodial Worker
Assistant Director, Maintenance Programs & Services
(814) 777-2528