Payroll and Telecommunications processes charges for labor for all technical service and wage-payroll employees and manages all cell and landline communications within Physical Plant. In addition, the unit handles installation of telecommunication services for campus-wide projects for telephone, wiring, networks, emergency phones, fire alarms and other building systems.

Cellular Support

Payroll and Telecommunications provides celluar services for 650+ cell phones used to communicate with Physical Plant employees. This includes ordering devices and accessories, troubleshooting problems with equipment and repairing or replacing as necessary, managing billing accounts and plan features and training employees on the use of University equipment. When an employee chooses to use his or her personal phone for business use, a staff member will assist the employee in setting up the account and receiving reimbursement. This office also coordinates monthly audits of the University-owned lines of service to ensure compliance with all University policies.


The office provides training for OPP employees on office phone systems, and works directly with Penn State Telecommunications to troubleshoot land line phone problems, fire alarm failures, circuit issues and voice mail trouble. Additionally, all requests for telecom services for OPP projects across the University Park campus and various other campuses are handled through our office. Project work includes wiring and installation of new phone lines or modification of existing lines, alarm circuits and elevator dial tones, backbone and LAN installation, CATV installation, etc.

Supervisor: Lora Lee Brinton

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