FAM Training

FAM Training

The mission of the FAM Training and Development unit is to advance the knowledge and implementation of FAM business enterprise systems (Maximo, Akwire, Propel, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, DocFinity).  FAM Training and Development is committed to the design, development, coordination and presentation of high quality training in order to increase individual and organizational effectiveness for work and asset management.


FAM Training News


1/24/2019- Maximo Desktop Requisition (DR) Training 

During the weeks of January 7th and 14th, FAM Training in coordination with OPP Stores, offered 4 training sessions at varying times to highlight the streamlined Desktop Requsition Application Interface - a result from the Maximo team's second Sprint and provide a basic training on how to submit . The sessions were announced on the Bulletin Board in Maximo for all Maximo Users to read. If you missed this training and would like to schedule to receive it, please contact Melissa Phillips. 

Please Note: Melissa is currently working to revise the existing How to Submit a Desktop Requisition video on the LRN with a revised screen capture of the updated interface. Stay tuned! 


1/24/2019 - Maximo's Sprint 2 Scavenger Hunt Challenge Wrap Up

Awarding of Max the Maximo Nut trophy to Bekah Detwiler and Mary Caldana with OPP's A&FS unit.

All OPP Maximo users were invited to participate in the inaugural Maximo Sprint Scavenger Hunt Training to learn about the new Maximo changes and enhancements which will be deployed in early November from the Maximo team’s second Sprint.

Since the Spring, OPP's Maximo Team has adopted the Agile Scrum Methodology in an effort to focus their work and ensure incremental progress in the development of Maximo. As part of the scrum methodology, the team currently uses a single iterative, 6 week software development cycle, called a sprint. Their second sprint cycle included the development of approximately 50 customer requests that were submitted as tickets. The requested changes and enhancements were deployed in Maximo's production environment in early November. The Scavenger Hunt allowed Maximo users to learn and explore the new changes (mainly customer requested) which impact the greater OPP Maximo user community through an at your own pace methodology.  Participants registered via the LRN and had from Nov 19th- December  7th,2018 to complete the hunt and submit their response forms. Those who participated in the scavenger hunt were invited to participate in a post-hunt pizza luncheon. The Maximo team utilized this luncheon to go over the scavenger hunt challenges, offer an opportunity to ask questions about Sprint 2 or any upcoming sprints and award the OPP unit with the greatest percentage of participants with bragging rights and a trophy. This scavenger hunt the winner was OPP’s AF&S. On hand, participants Rebekah Detwiler and Mary Caldana accepted the “Max” the Maximo Nut 3D printed trophy.


Sprint 2 Scavenger Hunt Answer Key


Training Requests

Training partners across Office of Physical Plant have collaborated and developed an online Training Request Form. The Training Request Form is used by any OPP supervisor or employee requesting training regardless of which OPP training partner will coordinate or instruct the training. This form is an effort to create an easy and consistent process for requesting and coordinating training across the organization. By completing this form, you are providing the necessary information for the OPP training partner to begin their process of planning or developing training to meet your needs.


Association for Talent Development Topics/ Resources

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 Key Skills of Today's Employees in the Digital Transformation

PSU/ OPP Training Resources

Learning Resource Network (LRN)
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OPP Training Request Form

Maximo Specific Training Resources

MaximoTraining & FAM System Self-Help Resources are available by searching "OPP-FAM" on the LRN 

 IBM IoT Academy (You will need to create your own account)

 IBM IoT YouTube Channel (Free Helpful Maximo Videos)

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