Physical Security

Chief Physical Security Officer: Scotty Eble


To enhance all aspects of campus security in support of a pleasantly safe and secure campus environment consistent with Finance & Business' key  initiative "Creating a Safer and More Secure University."


To provide professional security (and fire alarm protection) services to The Pennsylvania State University community consistent with the University's mission, culture, and resources in order to facilitate a safe and secure campus environment.

Prequalified Access Control & Surveillance Vendors

Only Security Integrators on University Pre-approved vendor list may perform the following regarding Security Installations at The Pennsylvania State University.

  • Provide Security panels, surveillance servers, intrusion alarm panels and 'electronic security field devices', i.e., Electronic security devices are to be provided by one of our pre-qualified Security Integrators.  (see Note 1)
  • Perform final termination of electronic security products.  Devices requiring Security Integrator terminations are as follows:
    • Security Network Switch and patch panel connections
    • Video Servers
    • Surveillance Cameras and Encoders
    • Access Control Panels
    • Door Control Panels
    • Card Readers
  • Perform programming and start-up for the following:
    • Access Control Panel
    • Surveillance Servers
    • Surveillance Cameras and Encoders
  • Perform testing and final commissioning of electronic security systems.

Note 1:  Door contacts, electric locking devices, and mechanical 'Request to Exit' devices, may be provided by others.

The following vendors are certified to install and program the recommended SoftwareHouse and American Dynamics equipment:

Tyco Advanced Integration
Randy Trego: Regional Account Manager
Tel: 610-635-1439
Fax: 610-630-6785
Cell: 610-587-4108

Access Systems Integration
Ryan Hauseman: Area Sales Manager
Tel: (610) 590-1923 ext. 751 
Cell:  (610) 952-1350

Securitas ES (Formerly Diebold)
Richard Klein: Sr. National Account Manager
Philadelphia, PA
Cell: 484-225-3039
Fax: 914-462-3769 |

Tyco/Simplex Grinnell
John Quinn, Manager
Cranberry Twp.
Tel: 724-741-3492
Cell: 724-814-0350

Mike Castles: Account Executive
SIEMENS Industry, Inc.
Building Technologies
Cell: 717-609-2914

MEI Systems
Paul Morocco
201 S Pleasant Ave.
Somerset, PA 15501
Cindy Bowers (contact)
Fax: 814-445-3447

People In Subdivision

Systems Administrator
(814) 865-7186
Chief Physical Security Officer
(814) 863-2329
IT Consultant
(814) 863-9615
Compliance Specialist
(814) 867-4432
Systems Administrator
(814) 865-0730
IT Consultant
(814) 865-4695
Security Manager
(814) 865-6167
University Access Specialist
(814) 865-6176
Compliance Specialist
(814) 863-5324