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Physical Security

Physical Security Office

155 Physical Plant Building

University Park, PA 16802

Phone: 814-867-3051



To enhance all aspects of campus security in support of a pleasantly safe and secure campus environment consistent with Finance & Business' key  initiative "Creating a Safer and More Secure University."


To provide professional security (and fire alarm protection) services to The Pennsylvania State University community consistent with the University's mission, culture, and resources in order to facilitate a safe and secure campus environment.

Message from the Director of Physical Security

The Physical Security Office is fully committed to its mission of providing a safer and more secure University. Improving to safety & security must be accomplished while maintaining a welcoming environment that is conducive to higher learning and research. While our unit is charged with directing and managing numerous initiatives to improve overall campus safety and security, the primary responsibility for Safety and Security still rests with each individual.  The record for safety and security at Penn State has been outstanding for many years, however there are no environments that are completely free from risk. Personal diligence has become a necessary part of University life and I would ask that each of you does your part in working towards our mutual goals. 

We welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding physical security at our institution.


Scotty Eble

Director of Physical Security

People In Subdivision

Eric Bauman
Security Systems Administrator
(814) 865-7186
Scotty Eble
Chief Physical Security Officer
(814) 863-2329
Dennis Hackenberg
Security IT Consultant
(814) 863-9615
Martin Mantz
Security Specialist, CWC
(814) 867-4432
Security Network Administrator
(814) 865-0730
Keith Runkle
Security IT Consultant
(814) 863-4695
University Access Manager
(814) 865-6167
University Access Specialist
(814) 865-6176
University Access Specialist
(814) 863-5324
University Access Specialist
(814) 865-2419