Facility Automation Services

Manager: Tim Pryor

FAS provides:

  • Facility Automation engineering and documentation
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of the FA Fiber network
  • Monitoring of connected buildings from a central station
  • FA server and software maintenance
  • New product investigation and recommendations
  • Building commissioning services

It is comprised of four distinct functions:

Application Engineering
Facility Automation Application Engineering produces FA system engineering and documentation for the installation of new or revised FAS.

Network Administration
FA Network Administration handles the installation and record keeping for all servers and software behind FA control systems, as well as the maintenance and installation of the FA Fiber Network.  

Support Services
FAS Support Services provides excellent technical support for Building Automation Systems (BAS) and HVAC across the University. Or goal is to provide essential support functions throughout the building's lifecycle that ensure the University's BAS meet environmental needs of the building occupants while maintaining energy efficiency.

Control & Communication Services
The CCS Monitoring station is located in OPP and staffed 24/7/365 and monitors all digitally connected buildings from the control station. CCS monitors alarms, remotely troubleshoots building automation systems and reports to the Work Control Center any situation needing addressed.


FAS Support Forms website www.fas.psu.edu

  • Work ticket form
  • Device instance number form
  • Alarms ticket form

Request for BAS Modification (pdf)


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    People In Subdivision


    Direct Digital Control Specialist
    (814) 865-7703
    Electronics Maintenance Worker
    DDC Specialist
    (814) 867-6070
    Electronics/Network Technician
    (814) 777-0699
    DDC Specialist
    (814) 863-8235
    Electronics/Network Tech, Building Automation
    (814) 280-0722
    Systems Design Specialist
    (814) 865-7759
    DDC Specialist
    (814) 867-6071
    Electronics Maintenance Worker
    (814) 441-5862
    DDC Specialist
    (814) 863-4089