Facility Asset Management (FAM) Programs


The Facility Asset Management(pdf) (FAM) Program balances software, information and knowledge to support the operation and maintenance of the University's physical assets to maximize value. Specifically, FAM resources are responsible for the Work Reception Center, Geographical Information System (ArcGIS), Document Management (DocFinity), and the functionality of a Computer Maintenance Management System (Maximo).


  • We exceed customer expectations:
    • We provide great customer service through  knowledge, responsiveness and feedback.
  • We provide excellent value:
    • We strive to increase the efficiency of facility operation and maintenance through the use of proven technology and timely access to data and documents.
  • We enjoy coming to work.
  • We are recognized nationally for excellence in facilities asset management (FAM).
Maximo Start Screen
Facilities Asset Management (FAM) involves providing optimal management of the University
FAM Training
Welcome to the Facility Asset Management (FAM) Training & Development website


Creates and maintains mapping and documentation of all of the University's utilities infrastructure
Call center
Staffed year round to process calls for maintenance issues and other emergencies

People In Subdivision


Administrative Support Assistant
(814) 865-7911
FAM Program Manager
(814) 865-0089
Maximo Business Analyst
(814) 865-2596
Education Program Associate
(814) 865-6624
GIS Specialist
(814) 865-7868
GIS Programmer/Analyst
(814) 863-6859
GIS Specialist
(814) 865-2792
Facilities Specialist
(814) 863-3348
Facilities Supervisor
(814) 867-5942
Kenneth Vasko
Facilities Specialist
(814) 863-4564