Construction Services

Construction Services acts as the University’s primary point of contact for contractors/subcontractors and installers on assigned projects. Construction Services visits and inspects project construction sites and monitors work for conformance with construction documents, quality standards, safety standards, University procedures, building codes/regulations, and adherence with the University’s Design and Construction standards. Construction Services investigates, documents, and reports on problem situations, potential change orders, errors and omissions, safety issues, and advises the contractor when necessary to implement corrective action. During a project’s design phase, Construction Services may review documents for quality conformance, constructability, and proper sequencing/phasing. During construction, Construction Services coordinates the interaction and efforts of contractors/subcontractors, design professionals, Penn State customers, Office of Physical Plant divisions, Penn State agencies, students, and the general public to minimize disruption to the University and public. At the completion of a project, the Construction Services manages the punchlist process and building/project turnover to facilitate a smooth transition from contractor to the Penn State customer.

Manager: Jeff Kokoskie


People In Subdivision


Construction Service Representative
(814) 865-7192
Jonathan Hoffman
Construction Service Representative
(814) 863-2760
Construction Service Representative
(814) 863-3315
Construction Service Representative
(814) 863-3317
Construction Service Representative
(814) 863-3344
Manager, Construction Services
(814) 865-7189
Richard Lawrence
Construction Service Representative
(814) 865-7078
Business Process Analyst
(814) 865-7955
Construction Service Representative
(814) 865-6226
Daniel Scott
Construction Services Representative
(814) 863-2323