Building Permits

Welcome to the Labor & Industry (L&I) Building Permit pages.  In 2004, the State of Pennsylvania adopted a set of standards that regulates new construction and renovations to residential and commercial buildings in the State of Pennsylvania.  These standards are collectively know as The Uniform Construction Code (UCC).  Enforcement of the UCC began in April 2004.  The 2006 International Codes must be complied with for all construction.  The Department of L&I is responsible for all code enforcement at the University.  Using several different formats, these pages provide information regarding both Annual Permits for minor alterations or replacements in a facility and the status of all Building Permits for current construction projects.

Annual Building Permit Report - A spreadsheet containing the current Annual Permit number, the expiration date and the Occupancy Permit Number as filed with the Department of L&I.

Building Permit Status list - A listings of buildings where construction is currently planned, including a description of the project, dates and the status of the L&I review.