Key Requests

Keys requests from a Non-OPP employee.

Are you an Access coordinator? 

Your key(s) will be delivered to you by the locksmith upon completion.

Are you an Outside Contractor?

Key Requests from an OPP Employee

Are you an OPP Project Manager?

  • Yes -- Did you complete the Contractor key cut form? 
  • Yes – Did you submit the form to staff at the Service Desk (127 OPP)
  • Yes – The Service Desk will submit the request on your behalf and contact you upon completion.

Are you an OPP Employee?


  • Key cuts require you to provide a customer billing number (standing order number). Budget numbers will not be accepted.
  • You must be an Access Coordinator to submit key requests.
  • The Lock Shop Supervisor is Brooks Meyers. 
  • How long do I wait for keys? Depending on workload keys can take as long as three weeks.
  • University Key/Access Policies SY2001 and AD68.

Questions pertaining to access issues should be directed to the Office of Physical Security and can be reach at 814-867-3051.