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OPP Position Requisition Process/Forms


The internal OPP Position Requisition form (pdf) (which mirrors the RTP form) should be routed from the supervisor - to the manager - to the Director for approval, along with the justification narrative or other metrics (which can be in the email or a separate attachment).

For Existing Positions:

The Director should copy the Dir. A&FS - Terri Parker and the Asst. VP - Steve Maruszewski, for information purposes when approving and include the .pdf and any other justification attachments. The Director will be the final approval needed to allow the supervisor/manager to submit the RTP on WorkLion. The .pdf and any other justification attachments should be included in the upload of the WorkLion RTP. If the Asst. VP or Dir. A&FS find issue with the request, they will intercept and reach out to the Director with any questions/concerns.

For New Positions:

The Director should forward the request to the Dir. A&FS – Terri Parker and the Asst. VP – Steve Maruszewski for approval. If approved, the Dir. A&FS will reply to the respective Director and Manager who initiated the request that they may submit the online RTP on WorkLion.  Again, the .pdf and all supporting documentation should be attached to the WorkLion online RTP.