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Disciplinary Meeting Process Guidelines

Prior to Disciplinary Meeting:

  • Document what you know about the incident/situation.
  • Inform supervisor, manager, and HR of the incident/situation.
  • Schedule meeting with employee, Union Steward, and additional supervisor(s) as soon as
  • practicable.
  • Prepare questions.

During Disciplinary Meeting:

  • Gather the employee, Union Steward, and additional supervisor(s) in a private location.
  • Ask employee if he/she wants Union Steward present.
  • Read the card and invoke the 7-day investigatory period.
  • Ask prepared questions, listen, ask follow up questions, and document responses.
  • End initial meeting.

Following Disciplinary Meeting:

  • Immediately review meeting notes and make corrections.
  • ASAP notify supervisor, manager, and HR that meeting was held and provide details.
    • When was the meeting?
    • Who was present?
    • Was the 7-day investigatory period invoked?
    • What was discussed?
    • When did the incident in question occur?
    • Where did the incident occur?
    • Who else was involved or witness the incident?
    • What questions did you ask of the employee?
    • What did the employee have to say?
    • What is your assessment/opinion of the employee actions and responses? Did
    • you feel he/she was covering up or lying? Did he/she admit to the action? Was
    • he/she remorseful?
  • Discuss incident with supervisor, manager, and HR to determine appropriate action to be taken.

Notification of Decision:

  • Within 7 days, gather employee, Union Steward, and additional supervisor(s) who were present at the previous meeting.
  • Inform employee the investigatory period has been concluded and what the action will be and why. Explain any conditions or expectations.
  • Document any response the employee may have.
  • Inform HR when final meeting was held and who was present.
  • Letter of conversation or warning letter will be drafted and presented to you for review.
  • Within 3 days of notification present final copy to employee for signature; keep a copy for your records, give the employee a copy to keep, and send another copy to HR for the personnel file.