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Yes, There is a File Naming Convention

The file naming manual has been prepared through a collaboration between OPP's Document Center and the e-Builder Implementation Document Management Pride to guide project teams in the proper file naming requirements of project related documents. Proper file naming ensures efficient management of those critical electronic records.

A sample of the file naming convention

The image is a sample of the file naming convention. A more detailing description can be found towards the bottom of the OPP Document Center page.

It is important the file naming structure is followed so that documents can be easily classified and indexed for retrieval in the future. This file naming convention uses metadata as the basis for the file names. The order of the metadata in the name is just as important as the characters in the name. This metadata is the glue that binds data transfer from e-Builder to DocFinity. It allows the documents to be transferred to the correct building and project folders and subfolders.