Facilities Coordinator FAQ


Where can I find the most current Facilities Coordinator listing?

Facilities Coordinator List

Whom do I contact for overall Facilities Coordinator Information or to submit suggestions, comments or concerns regarding Facilities Coordinator, college or department needs?

Please contact Georgia Gasperich, facilities coordinator administrator, via email at ghg2@psu.edu or via phone at 814-865-1595.

Whom do I contact for a standing order or billing information?

Please contact Shelby Foster, standing order contact, via email at sqr1@psu.edu or via phone at 814-865-6910.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about keys or C-Cure?

Please contact Physical Security Office. You may also need the Facility Access Authorization Request form (PDF)*.

Whom do I contact if I need information about utility interruptions or emergency shutdowns?

Please contact Tammy Maslanik, shutdown coordinator, via email at tgm13@psu.edu or 814-867-6133.

I am a new FC, how do I gain access to FIS?

Please contact the ASR for your area and request access for UFCL.

How do I find out where OPP has ongoing construction?

For information on ongoing construction projects, visit http://www.opp.psu.edu/planning-construction/projects.

Where can I find out who pays for what services?

Please visit the Facilities Coordinator Resources for a list of services and who is financially responsible for them.



* PDF documents available in an alternative format by request.