Brandywine Master Plan


Penn State Brandywine will embody excellence in all phases of teaching, learning, research and outreach to be the preeminent presence of The Pennsylvania State University in the greater Philadelphia region.  We will be committed to maximizing the resources of a research university, while maintaining the individualized student focus of a small college.


  • Create a residential environment with the addition of student housing and related facilities for student life and engagement (e.g. food service, recreation, health, and support services).
  • Improve and expand campus facilities to appropriately support current and future enrollments of up to 2,000 students with a focus on increasing upper division levels.
  • Develop facilities to accommodate expanded and new academic programs.
  • Enhance the campus’ visual character and aesthetic appeal to embody the look and feel of a college.

Current Priorities

Map of Brandywine's current priorities.

  • Replace Roof at Tomezsko Building
  • Cafeteria Renovation at Commons Building
  • Main Building Capital Renewal – Phase II
    • Complete second phase of planned renewal to Main Building

Map of Brandywine's future opportunities in Phase 1Future Opportunities (Phase I)

Civic Space Improvements

  • Continue to address Campus Exterior Architectural Plan Items
    • Partially Screen Parking Lots along Middletown Road
    • Transit Shelters
    • Main Building North Patio
    • Tomeszko Front Plaza
    • Walkway upgrades

Classroom Utilization and Reconfiguration

  • More efficiently utilize existing space to accommodate new academic programs
    • Right-size classrooms
    • Conversion of classroom space to class labs
    • Improve lab efficiencies / co-location
  • Two main large classrooms in Tomezsko and Main Building to remain
  • Other large classrooms in Main Building to be converted into class labs for new programs nursing and engineering
  • Reconfigure other classrooms to appropriately address class needs
  • Room 112 in Vairo could be split into smaller spaces
  • Efforts should be made to consolidate classes and use lunch periods and other less utilized time periods (conversion to residential campus character)

Soccer / Mixed Use Field

  • Field to accommodate varsity teams for games and practice, intramural programs, club sports, informal recreation, etc.
  • Consider added value of artificial surface to allow for longer season of use and frequency of use.
  • Requires Demolition of Storage Building (additional space at Maintenance Building)

Stormwater Planning

  • Develop a long-range plan to identify the stormwater facilities/upgrades required to accommodate the building opportunities included in the master plan.

Map of Brandywine's future opportunities in Phase 2Future Opportunities (Phase II)

400-Bed Residence Complex

  • Approximately 102,600 – 127,800 gsf, depending upon housing model type.
  • Residence Assistant and residence life units
  • Central lounge, laundry, game room, etc.

Student Union / Dining Facility (50,000 gsf on 2 ½ levels)

  • 20,000 gsf for Dining facilities to support new housing
  • 20,000+ gsf for general student uses, such as study lounges, student activity, student clubs, assembly and general seating/lounge areas that are needed to support a residential campus.
  • 10,000 gsf of campus support space needs (central warehousing, central storage, mail, central server rooms, etc.).
  • Residence Life offices, health services, counselor, police, etc.

Vairo Library Project

  • Campus has planned to capture excess space temporarily for other uses. If the student population expands at the proposed rate, the Campus may want to reduce or reconsider this conversion.     
  • Existing Library adequate in size to meet the needs of a proposed student population.
  • Oversized for the current student population.

Vairo Library Accessible Entrance

  • Create new accessible entrance to the library that avoids directing pedestrians through the loading dock.

Baseball Field Upgrades

  • Address identified baseball field needs
  • Potentially adjust location slightly to accommodate new softball field development

Softball Field

  • Develop new softball field in area of existing outdoor athletic facilities

Outdoor Recreation

  • Upgrade or develop facilities (Intramural Field, Tennis, Basketball)
  • Informal recreation space
  • Consider potential future needs for Division III status

Parking Expansion at Vairo Lot

  • Potentially up to an additional 129 spaces
  • Pursue Transportation Demand Management (TDM) concepts
  • Future need to be based on supply/demand studies

Maintenance and Operations

  • Preserve expansion potential at Maintenance Building to meet the support needs of a growing campus

Walkway Reconfiguration

  • Take advantage of building and maintenance projects to incrementally implement a new pre-planned walkway strategy for campus.

Map of Brandywine's long-term possibilitiesLong-Term Possibilities

Class Lab/Faculty Office Building (36,000 gsf on 3 levels)

  • Address space needs for increased enrollment
    • 25,000 gsf Class Labs
    • 11,000 gsf Faculty Offices
  • Capacity of building site allows for up to 15,000 gsf of additional space that could be used for research, if the campus were to have an identified need in the future.

Flexible Space at ClassLab/Faculty Office Building

  • Potentially up to an additional 147+ parking spaces (if needed)
    • Future need to be based on supply/demand studies
  • Continue to pursue Transportation Demand Management (TDM) concepts to reduce need for additional parking on campus
  • Potential to maintain four tennis courts at this location
  • Flexibility could allow for additional building or other program space

Commons & Athletic Center Addition (20,000 gsf on 2 levels)

  • Student union functions and activities which are well-suited to co-locate with this existing facility (i.e. fitness, wellness, athletic clubs, lounges, etc.)
  • Expansion of Fitness Center for increased Athletics and student use.

Replacement Tennis Courts and Recreation Facilities

  • Potential site for new tennis courts to replace those lost with redevelopment
  • Potential development of additional recreational fields in response to future demand
  • Inclusion of small parking area (off-campus use)

Student Housing Expansion Potential

  • Building sites reserved in case of long-term growth of on-campus residents

Penn State Brandywine Master Plan

Map of Brandywine campus master plan