Berks Master Plan

Current Priorities

The master plan is composed of three maps.  The first is Current Priorities, which illustrates opportunities that are currently in the University’s Capital Plan, as well as reasonable opportunities that may be funded by the campus. 

Current priorities include a new 60,000 square foot academic building sited adjacent to the Thun Library, framing the central green space.  The building will address critical space needs such as general purpose classrooms, faculty offices, and growth for the engineering, business, and IST programs.  The goal is for the Board to select an architect for this building at the November meeting.  

Current priorities also include a partial renovation of Luerssen Building.  Approximately 6,000 square feet of program space will be integrated into the new building.   Therefore, it is the optimal time to renovate that space for additional classrooms and labs.
The campus is currently raising funds to renovate and expand the Beaver Community Center.   The 4,400 square foot renovation and 11,500 square foot addition will include a fitness center, training room, classrooms, and faculty offices.

Future Opportunities

The second map is Future Opportunities.  It illustrates the next generation of key facility enhancements that are beyond the current Capital Plan and support the campus’ academic vision.  Time frames for planning are not precise.  Accordingly, these opportunities do not have a predictable time frame, but we generally think of Future Opportunities covering a 20-25 year time frame.
Future Opportunities may include a new residence hall with up to 400 beds located adjacent to the existing residence halls.  The existing parking area can be expanded to accommodate this growth.     

The existing athletic field on the housing site would be relocated across Broadcasting Road.  At that time, 2 additional multi-use playfields could also be constructed to serve the growing population living on campus.  An access road, parking area, and a small structure with restrooms, lockers, and storage would support the 3 fields. 
Future Opportunities may also include renovating and expanding the Perkins Student Union.  The program, which includes an expanded kitchen and dining area, and a 25,000 square foot expansion to the Union, would be connected to the Beaver Community Center.  In total, this vision would create a hub of student services and activities.  A new service access road would remove all truck traffic from the core of campus.
Other future opportunities may include utility upgrades at Peiffer Farm, and a new 12,000 square foot Ag Research Center to house instructional space, and a horticulture lab. 

Long-Term Possibilities

The third map is Long-Term Possibilities, which illustrates a vision for the campus that may be decades in the future.  However, it informs near-term decision-making regarding its physical development. 

Long-term possibilities may include further growth of the athletics facilities on Broadcasting Road.  A new 30,000 - 50,000 square foot Events Center and Sports Complex is envisioned.  The site could also accommodate a new baseball field, softball field, tennis courts, and parking. These new athletic facilities could allow the Beaver Community Center to be converted into a theatre.
Additional long-term possibilities may include an 8,500 square foot expansion to Thun Library, a new 6,000 square foot Multi-Faith Spiritual Center, and renovations to the Jannsen Conference Center to create flexible conference space.
The master plan reserves a site for a new, currently un-programmed, 50,000 square foot academic building to support the long-term growth and vitality of the campus.
The master plan also addresses PennDOT’s consideration of a new interchange on Route 222.  If this concept were to become reality, a new campus entrance could provide direct access to the west side of campus and to Broadcasting Road.

Campus Master Plan