Altoona Master Plan


Consistent with the University’s mission, Penn State Altoona will continue its growth as a baccalaureate degree granting institution and maintain its role as the lead academic institution in its service area, through:


  • Sustaining and enhancing the quality of Penn State Altoona’s programs and student body


  • Strengthening support for research and creative activities


  • Increasing Penn State Altoona’s role as an academic institution and in regional economic development


  • Increase enrollments at upper division levels while growing enrollment to current goal of 4,500 students
  • Improve and expand campus facilities to appropriately support current and future student enrollments
  • Increase quality and quantity of faculty research space and offices, classrooms, the library, and student activity spaces
  • Increase student housing, student life, and engagement facilities

Current Priorities

Childcare Facility

  • Two classrooms in Cypress Building will be converted to childcare (class schedules will need to be adjusted), 1,500 sf
  • 25 children, 3-5 years old
  • Playground to be built adjacent to building (2,000 sf, fenced)
  • Planned to be operated by external vendor
  • Summer 2010
  • Studies over the years have shown considerable demand for child care

Campus Beautification

  • Campus Exterior Architectural Plan Items: Building entry improvements, site furnishings, lighting, plantings, etc. (In-progress, continue)
  • Complete signage installations as outlined in recently completed sign plan
  • Stream Restoration: erosion control, maintenance, environmental improvements
  • Study completed, awaiting funding for design and repairs

Traffic and Transportation Improvements

  • Work with Logan Township and the City of Altoona to advance proposed traffic improvements identified in traffic planning study done with Blair County
    • Traffic Signals at Intersections of Rider Lane /Juniata Gap Road and Broadway / Wopsononock Avenue
    • One-way designations along Wehnwood Road (Right turn only out of Nittany Point and Larch Parking Lot)
  • Improve Accessibility to Bicycles
    • Increase connectivity between campus and downtown by creating bike route in conjunction with the City of Altoona and PennDOT
    • Part of “Active Transportation 2010” being funded by PennDOT

Science Building Renovation

  • Study to renovate abs in Science Building
  • DGS Capital Renewal project

Develop programs at Ritchey Property

  • Environmental Studies and Biology: examination of natural features and plant/animal communities, experimentation in natural environments
  • Environmental Studies: camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities
  • Passive Recreation: hiking, wilderness adventures, etc.

Future Opportunities

Adler Athletic Complex – Addition

  • 35,000 gsf
  • New gym to become competition court
    • 2,500 bleacher seating
    • 3,200 total including floor seating
  • Gym floor to have the capability of being divided into three separate areas
  • Additional locker rooms (varsity / visiting teams / general purpose)
  • Offices and Training Space
  • Catering / concessions / lobby space / public restrooms / Storage
  • Fitness area
  • Two new tennis courts to replace two on site of future Adler Addition
    • Located on west end of existing courts
  • Uses: class instruction, intercollegiate athletics, intramurals, club sports, Distinguished Speakers Series, commencement ceremonies
  • Building was constructed in 1970 for a campus with 1,200 students

Install Artificial Field Surface in Spring Run Stadium

  • Increase use by varsity teams for games and practice, intramural programs, club sports, informal recreation, host non-University events (PIAA playoffs)
  • Allows for longer season of use and frequency of use

Student Housing

  • 200-300 beds in possible phases
  • Site east of Oak Hall as show in preferred alternative from previous housing study (work around/over waterfall if feasible)
  • 901 beds exist on campus today. College cannot house its entire first-year class

Addition to Port-Sky

  • 10,000 gsf (Program to support 557 seats, 432 current + 125 additional)
  • The current facilities are insufficient and campus growth requires additional space and capacity

Addition to Hawthorn Building

  • 60,000 gsf Addition on three floors (possibly 40,000 gsf on two floors)
  • Classrooms
  • Faculty Offices
  • Faculty Labs
  • Student study/gathering space

Alumni Event Center

  • 11,000 gsf (Programmed as part of previous study)
  • Located on existing parking – loss of approx. 75 spaces + visitor spaces needed
  • Alumni Development currently housed downtown in Kazmaier Center
  • Campus plans to explore donor potential in upcoming years

Parking Expansion

  • 120 spaces near existing Larch Lot
  • Incorporate Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Recommendations
  • Future need to be based on supply/demand studies following TDM efforts
  • Consider removal of Smith Building Loop Road

Long-Term Possibilities

Student Activity Space

  • 50,000 gsf on two floors
  • The current student activities space is insufficient and campus growth requires additional space
  • Consider connecting Slep and Port Sky
    • Slep Student Center built in 1963 when College had 1,000 students and has not been expanded.
  • Potential loss of 10 parking spaces

New Science / Engineering Building

  • 40,000 SF, 3 floors
    • Class Labs
    • Research Labs
    • Faculty Offices

Eiche Library

  • 50,000 gsf on 3 floors to accommodate additional space needs

Misciagna Center Expansion – Phase II

  • 10,000 gsf on back of Misciagna Center
    • Art studios, art classrooms, stage expansion, faculty offices, Division offices
    • Demo Elm (Former Shooting Gallery) to make way for addition
    • Demo Pine Building. Currently holds 3D Arts Studio and offices

Maintenance and Operations

  • Potential Increase of space as necessary to support campus growth
  • 8,000 gsf shown on plan

Holtzinger Building Expansion

  • Science and Engineering
  • 10,000 gsf shown on plan

Sheetz Family Health Center Expansion

  • Future program accommodation
  • Health & Wellness Center, nursing, faculty offices
  • 5,000 gsf shown on plan

Oak Hall and Maple Hall Renovation

  • Rated poorly in facility assessment

Explore Potential Relocation of Baseball Field to Create Dedicated Recreation Field

  • Relocate Baseball Field or arrange for use of existing Baseball Field in community
    • Only institution within conference without permanent fence
  • Construct permanent fence for Softball Field
    • Only institution within conference to currently share facilities
    • Increase utilization by University and other groups (host playoff at various levels)
    • Gender equity
  • Develop Multipurpose Field on existing baseball field site to support intramural programs, club sports (add lacrosse), informal recreation, varsity practice

Penn State Altoona Master Plan