Current Projects

Back Pressure Steam Turbine 2 & 3

  • Project Leaders
  • Funding - Energy Savings Program, $9.2 million
  • Description - This is an energy project that replaces the existing two Back Pressure Steam Turbines (BPST) which are over 50 years old with new more efficient BPSTs.  The results will be increased electric production while decreasing the associated steam production.  Project costs compared to estimated savings show less than 5.5 year payback.
  • Benefits
    • Electric generation will increase 19,5000,000 kwhs annually
    • The new turbines decrease steam losses by 35,000,000 pounds annually
    • Annual GHG reduction is estimated at 10,800 MTCO
    • The annual energy savings in 2013 dollars is about $1.7 million

Boiler MACT

  • Project Leaders
  • Funding - $35 million
  • Description - The EPA finalized changes to the Clean Air Act standards for area source boilers. As a result, PSU must meet new admission standards by January 2016.
  • Benefits
    • Compliance with air quality regulations
    • Renewing of 50 year old boiler assets

ECSP Boiler Refurbishment

  • Project Leaders
  • Funding - $3.5 million
  • Benefits
    • Renewing of 1970s vintage packaged boilers
    • New burner management system
    • Improved boiler layup tools