Who Pays for What?

There are often questions about what the Office of Physical Plant is responsible for versus the customer. Below you will find information regarding the financial responsibility for the services provided.

Education & General

OPP Pays For Customer Pays For
Utilities Maintenance of departmental property
Project management Purchase and installation of department property
Planning Repairs to movable equipment
EHS support Repairs to lab equipment
Hazardous waste disposal Renovations and alterations requested by department
Building and major maintenance Non-routine custodial services
Classroom and furnishing maintenance Moving services
Routine custodial services Special event set-up
Refuse collection Department signage
Real estate Installation of telephone/computer systems

Commonwealth Campuses

OPP Pays For: Customer Pays For:
Project management Utilities
Planning Installation of telephone and computer services
EHS support Maintenance of campus property
Real estate Purchase and installation of campus property
Building and major maintenance Renovation and alterations requested by campus
Maintenance of roads, sidewalks, and parking Classroom and furnishing maintenance
Campus signage Custodial services
  Refuse collection
  Repairs to lab equipment
  Repairs to movable equipment

Auxiliary Services

OPP Pays For: Customer Pays For:
Project management Utility consumption
Planning Building and major maintenance
EHS support Custodial Services
Real estate Landscaping
Hazardous waste disposal Design
Utility distribution Construction
  Solid waste
  Snow removal