Area Services

There are six Area Shops and their primary focus is corrective maintenance. The shops are the primary frontline customer liaison with OPP with in-depth customer and facility knowledge. They are the first responders to emerging work.

Area Services Map (PDF)*


* PDF documents available in alternative format by request.

People In Subunits


Jason Alterio
Area Facilities Maintenance Worker
(814) 777-4552
Heating and Ventilation Technician
(814) 876-2270
Area Facilities Maintenance Mechanic
(814) 777-1361
Area Facilities Maintenance Mechanic
(814) 883-0966
Specialized Equipment Technician
(814) 777-0338
Area Facilities Maintenance Worker
(814) 883-1529
David Brown
Supervisor, Area Services 2
(814) 863-3343
Maintenance Worker, Plumbing & Piping
(814) 409-8884
Connie Brungard
Supervisor, Area Services 4
(814) 863-8550
Curtis Bush
Refrigeration Technician
(814) 206-6910