Materials & OPP Stores

Physical Plant Stores serves as the entry point for all OPP material/service requirements. Incoming material/service requests are reviewed and sourced from the OPP Stores Stockroom or outside vendors.

Contact Information

OPP Stores is located in the Physical Plant Building at the University Park campus. The Physical Plant Building is on the north side of Park Avenue, directly across the street from Beaver Stadium. The stockroom issue counter is located on the west loading dock side of the building.

Ordering Information

To submit an order to OPP Stores, visit Maximo.


People In Subdivision


Stock Truck Driver
(814) 325-1542
Christopher Patterson
Inventory Control & Distribution Manager
(814) 863-8952
Charles Dills
Manager, Materials & OPP Stores
(814) 865-1703
Inventory Control and Distribution Specialist
(814) 865-0159
Stockroom Clerk B