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Facilities Asset Management

Facilities Asset Management (FAM) involves providing optimal management of the University's physical assets to maximize value.

Systems such as Maximo and SuiteReq support this element of OPP's mission.

Did you know OPP is in progress to upgrade Maximo to the newest version, Maximo 7.6?

We will be sharing more details about this project with the OPP community, but in the meantime we are introducing some easy-to-use videos, provided by our business partner (Starboard Solutions), that all Maximo users or non-users can experience.

These training videos are intended to show you what is new in Maximo version 7.6 and to introduce Maximo’s Asset Management concepts to new users. These are available as online courses on the PSU Learning Resource Network (LRN). 

To directly access the videos, use the following link and log-in with your Penn State Access username and password and two-factor authentication (2FA):

Maximo 7.6 Overview Online Course

Using this link will automatically register you for the course and bring you to the page where you can launch each video.

Please note - It is advised that you do not use a mobile device (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch) to access and view the training at this time. 

The videos will not load from a mobile device (LRN administrators are currently working towards a solution for this compatibility issue). 

Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers work well for this training.  Common issues experienced are browser related: Pop-Up Blocker, Java Permissions, etc. 

If you have difficultly launching the videos you can contact the OPP ITS Helpdesk for assistance.

Facility Coordinators & Service Desk Coordinators can submit new Work Orders, view Work Order details, and search for Submitted Work Orders online using SuiteReq.

Urgent safety or other imminent issues should still be phoned in anytime to our 24/7/365 Work Reception Center at 814-865-4731.