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Awards & Recognition

Superior Performance Awards

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to recognize superior performance by OPP employees and teams on a specific event, problem, work challenge, process or project.  This recognition is intended to be timely.    

Eligibility: All employees (including wage payroll and full-time Penn State students) and teams are eligible for this award.  

Criteria for Selection: Employees or teams who have displayed exemplary performance related to a specific event or outcomes are selected.  Supervisors, managers, and directors may select employees or teams in their areas or other areas.

Number of Recipients: There is no specified number of recipients.

Award: Certificate and “blue buck”. The “blue buck” can be redeemed at OPP Stores for a $25.00 Creamery gift certificate or $25.00 Penn State Bookstore gift certificate.

Award Presentation: Recognition of recipients will be handled in the most appropriate, as determined by the nominator.

Process: Nominator completes the online award form, which is sent directly to Lan Conrad. Lan Conrad logs the award into the data base, prepares the certificate and "Blue Buck," and contacts the nominator. Lan Conrad will also notify Susan Bedsworth for inclusion in News & Views. Once the employee receives their "Blue Buck," they can visit OPP Stores to select their gift certificate. OPP Stores bills the appropriate budget for selected gift certificate.

Safety Buck Program

The Safety Buck Program is designed to recognize and reward individuals who proactively contribute to the prevention of injuries and incidents at OPP and Penn State. Anyone can nominate any OPP employee for safe and proactive behavior. To submit a nomination, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Email OPPSafety@psu.edu with the employee name(s), budget and task number and the reason you wish to nominate the employee for the Safety Buck. Please include "Safety Recognition Program" in the subject line of the email.

Step 2: The OPP Safety Recognition Review committee will review the requests and send the approved nomination and certificate to the Associate/Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant for final approval.

Step 3: Once approval is obtained from the Associate/Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant, the OPP Safety Office will send the certificate and Safety Buck to you, the nominator.

Step 4: Present the certificate and Safety Buck to the honoree in whatever manner you deem appropriate.