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Park Avenue Entrance to Stadium West Closed May 14

The Park Avenue entrance to the Stadium West parking lot will close at 9 p.m. Sunday, May 14. At that time, a temporary access driveway into the lot will open along Curtin Road near the westbound CATA stop. All access in and out of the Stadium West lot will be via this driveway until reconstruction of Stadium West Drive is completed later this summer. A change in access will be instituted later this summer, however, to accommodate parking for 4th Fest and Happy Valley Jam, with more information to come closer to the dates of those events.

Please note - due to the temporary closure of the University Drive/Curtin Road intersection, drivers attempting to reach the temporary Stadium West access point on Curtin Road must travel west on Curtin Road from Porter Road through Thursday, May 25.

Pedestrian access between Stadium West and Park Avenue will be maintained via a temporary path along the west side of Stadium West Drive near the soccer practice field fence.

While Stadium West Drive work is underway, Commuter permit holders with a valid ADA placard or license plate are authorized to park in ADA or regular, non-reserved spaces within the Orange A lots on the east and west ends of the Physical Plant building, including the ADA spaces within the Physical Plant visitor lot.

Visit the Google map to view the affected area.

If there are any questions, please contact the Parking Office by phone at 865-1436 or by email at parking@psu.edu.

Project Management Information System

An OPP internal team has been established to understand the impact and opportunity for implementing a standardized Project Management Information System (PMIS) within OPP.

Why a PMIS? The mission of the PMIS team is to develop a holistic technology-enabled solution that improves the effectiveness of design and construction project teams, while promoting excellence in the stewardship of University assets.

The main goals include:

  • Implement a holistic technology solution, which will allow OPP to exceed customer expectations,
  • Capture timely and accurate project information standardizing processes and tools,
  • Foster creativity, teamwork and communication amongst project teams and OPP units,
  • Innovate -- serve as an industry leader and promote academic enhancement.

A consultant, Kristine Fallon and Associates (KFA) has been hired to develop the following items by Fall 2017:

  • A problem statement for this effort,
  • A cost-benefit analysis,
  • An RFP for systems that meet the defined projects goals.

During this process, KFA and/or the PMIS team will be reaching out to multiple units and individuals to collect information. Staff participation is vital to the success of this project and we appreciate your prompt and constructive feedback.

If you would be interested in joining the ongoing PMIS project team, please email opp-pmiscommunications@psu.edu

For additional information, you can check the OPP Announcements page on the intranet. Updates on this important initiative will be distributed on a regular basis.